It’s time to think beyond the “typical” corporate event. Empower your people and create an enriching environment for growth with an innovative group cruise experience,

custom-crafted to meet your specific vision.

Why cruise your way to a stronger company?

Here's how group cruises provide the ideal environment for your team to trailblaze:

Get out from behind the screens and in front of the people who make your company great. 

There’s nothing like meeting in person to build relationships and, by extension, strengthen your team’s communication. Onboard meetings and intentional activities can be crafted to bolster connections—but don’t discount what happens during “down time.” Chitchat while at the ship bar—or while slipping down a waterslide!—builds bonds like nothing else.

Strengthen Your Community

Rarely are the best, most out-of-the-box ideas born in a boardroom. 

Stepping out of the office—and out of that just-get-through-the-day mindset—gives you the space and change of scenery you need to think differently. And there’s no better backdrop for deep creative thinking than the open sea and sky you find on cruise. It’s the ideal blank slate for brainstorming how your team will change your industry (or, hey, even the world!). 

Ideate and Innovate

You’re not some stuck-in-the-past, stuffy corporation. You put your people first and invest in creating a workplace culture that you can be proud of. 

Walk the walk with a corporate event that goes against the mold—and that actually gets your employees excited to attend. And yes, an annual cruise is definitely a major selling point for potential hires.

Reward and Retain Your Employees


The RitaVentures Way

You’re sold on a retreat at sea—but pulling it all together is a whole different beast. I’m here to captain this venture and send you on a bond-building voyage that sails off without a hitch.

Here’s how I’ll make your group cruising experience smooth sailing from beginning to end:

The best rates and amenities

I’ll work directly with the cruise line to get you amazing group rates, as well as concessions and complimentary amenities not offered to the public.

Full travel management for your entire team

Leave all the travel bookings to me—I’ll arrange rooms for your employees and provide full travel support throughout the entire process.

Coordinating meeting and event space

From booking private dinners for the C-suite to coordinating lounges, theaters, and team-building spaces on board, I’ll get you squared away.

Keeping track of the “little” details

Need a projector? A podium? A stiff drink (ha!)? I’m here to make sure all your needs, big and small, are attended to.

Optional onboard concierge service

You run the show—I’ll be behind the scenes making it all happen without the hitch. Inquire about bringing me onboard to coordinate with the crew, take care of your team, and troubleshoot issues large and small in real time, so you can fully immerse yourself in the cruise experience with your employees.

Above all else, I work as your partner for your event at sea.

Bring me your vision—I’ll share what’s possible, show you how to elevate it even further, and then execute it all with eagle-eyed precision.

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Let's Set Sail

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