Calling all coaches, teachers, and passion-driven business owners:

What if there was a way to grow your business, foster brand loyalty, and serve your best clients in innovative ways—all while exploring the world (and getting some amazing perks that matter most to you)?

Spoiler Alert: There is!

Invite your clients to set sail with you, on a group cruising experience aligned with your shared interests and designed to create a larger impact within your community. I’ll plan it all. 

A better way to build your business

Here's How It Works


you’ll invite your group of clients or like-minded individuals to join you on the trip of a lifetime.

Whether you’re a personal or professional coach, wine bar owner, or teacher in another industry, we’ll design an itinerary that speaks to your shared passions for a themed experience that uniquely appeals to your community.

As you promote your trip, you’ll create major buzz for your business—and set yourself apart from your competition in a major way. Once on board, your clients will get to share in a singular experience full of laughs and learning, leading to incredible bond building.


As the group leader, you get to create individual connections with your clients — connections that are so much stronger than what you forge from behind a screen or desk. This is how you go from having clients to #1 fans.

Plus, every Insta pic and selfie your travelers post promotes your business (just don’t forget the branded hashtag!). The clients who join you on your cruise act as your brand evangelists, so you get to take advantage of the power of word-of-mouth advertising.


Whether it’s upleveling their mindset, supporting their wellness journey, or strengthening a skill, your group cruise—and your leadership—provides the catalyst for powerful change.

Cruise Together
The RitaVentures Way

So a cruising experience sounds intriguing for your business—but you’re lost on how to put something like this together. That’s where I come in. As an ocean and river cruise specialist, I’ll listen to your vision and translate that into an unforgettable, and totally effortless, experience for you and your group.

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with me on your cruising journey:

The best rates for your group

I’ll work directly with the cruise line to get you amazing group rates—if your group is large enough, we can even charter the whole ocean or river cruise vessel.

Full travel management for your entire group

Leave all the travel bookings to me—I’ll arrange rooms for your travelers and provide full travel support throughout the entire process.

Arranging special events and activities

Foster connections with private receptions, group dinners, and special activities that align with your group’s interests—for example, a yoga instructor can lead a morning yoga session on board, or a chef can arrange a private cooking demo.

Coordinating exclusive excursions

Explore your ports of call and take advantage of your amazing surroundings with exclusive excursions arranged just for your group—tour the local market, taste wines at a family-owned vineyard, lead a fitness activity on the beach, and more.

Score possible incentives or extra amenities

If you meet certain group minimums, you may receive special amenities, perks, or discounts as the group leader.

Optional onboard concierge service

You run the show—I’ll be behind the scenes making it all happen without the hitch. Inquire about bringing me onboard to coordinate with the crew, take care of your travelers, and troubleshoot issues large and small in real time, so you can fully immerse yourself in the cruise experience with your attendees.

Whether you’re looking to sail with a group of 20 or 200 (or more!), I’m here to ensure your entire journey unfolds seamlessly.

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